ESSEC has built numerous partnership around disabilities' issues. 

Natixis (Scholarships, PHARES, awareness)
Natixis is a financing, management and financial services bank, created in 2006. It is a subsidiary of the group BPCE, which was born from the fusion of the groups Caisse d'épargne and Banque Populaire. 

Natixis has been committed since 2011 in a proactive policy in favor of recruitment, inclusion, and support of people with disabilities. Carried by the Mission Handicap and its referents' network in the different professions, it translated into two agreements, a reinforced collaboration with managers and concrete results : in five years, the employment rate of disabled people has more than tripled at Natixis, more than 450 employees with disabilities have a professional occupation. 

This policy hinges on four commitments : 
- Making the access to work and the hiring easier : involvement in specialized careers fairs, partnerships with schools and universities, development of recruiting grounds. 
- Supporting people with disabilities thanks to concrete measures : adjustment of post offices and job times, help in transportation, financing of specific equipments. 
- Developing the use of protected and adapted work's sector : diversification of services and referenced partners (digitization, printing, consulting and IT)
- Making minds evolve and breaking stereotypes about disabilities : annual information campaigns, training workshops, awareness of people around. 

Natixis's support can also take the shape of scholarship's financing and lectures to students. 

"Within Natixis, we wish to build a working environment, which is respectful and inclusive takes advantage of its talents diversity and in which each one can be heard, highlighted, and have an impact." Christelle Room, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

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La Banque Postale (Scholarship, awareness, accessibility)
La Banque Postale is a public French bank which was born on the 1st of January 2006 and which is a 100% subsidiary of La Poste. As a civic bank, La Banque Postale promotes diversity and equality at all stages of professional life (recruitment, promotion, progression, motherhood), for an equal treating based on skills and performance. It wants to guarantee to everyone access to its jobs. With this in mind, La Banque Postale implemented a policy in favor of disabled people's employment, which translates into a social agreement, which was signed in March 2017 in the field of disabilities. 53% of agencies are accessible to people with disabilities. For deaf people who understand French Sign Language, La Banque Postale has offered since February 2017 a video chat service via the website, which puts the deaf client in touch with a deaf video-councellor. 

Generali (financing partnership) 
Generali is an Italian insurance company, which was founded in Trieste in 1831 and which belongs to the 50 world biggest companies. The group serves 72 million clients across the world and owns a strong position in the field of life insurance. 
To involve durably disabled employees, Generali France made a choice : to act to make minds change, namely by raising awareness among teams and managers. In order to fight against stereotypes, Generali realized « Ça handi long », an interactive web series about disabilities in companies with testimonies and pedagogical contents. 

In addition, as a partner of ADAPT, Generali mobilizes each year its employees during the European Week for the Employment of Disabled People. In 2016, it was the opportunity to share the Handicube experience, offered in collaboration with the association Premiers de Cordée. 

Publicis Groupe (Partnership)
Founded in 1926, Publicis is nowadays the third communication group in the world. 
The group's transformation through "The Power of One" orchestrates a more integrative organization of its activities. It makes the consideration of societal issues such as disabilities easier. Indeed, creation of lasting value has always led the strategic evolution of Publicis, which includes 80 000 employees spread in a hundred countries. The diversity of profiles embodies the historical signature of the group "Vive la différence !" with the responsibility for improving their uniqueness and their complementarity. 

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Fatima EL ALLALY, Mission Handicap Director of Publicis

The French Development Agency is a public financial institution which implements the French development policy, takes action against poverty and promotes sustainable development. 
Involved in favor of disabled people's professional integration, AFD has reinforced this commitment by signing an agreement based on four guidelines : 
- Recruiting new employees with disabilities 
- Keeping people with disabilities in their job by implementing adjustment measures of the office. 
- Training people with disabilities and insuring their employability throughout their career. 
- Communicating and raising awareness among all the managers and employees on the issues of disabilities.