Accompanying students towards employment 

In addition to the ESSEC Career Center's services, the Handi-Capacité Mission offers : 
  • personalized advice 
  • partner companies' internship, job and apprenticeship offers
Specialized careers fair

In 2010, ESSEC launched in partnership with Hanploi and ESSEC Voile's students the first Open Forum, a careers fair dedicated to disabled people's training within the scope of a sailing "Tour de France". 

The Open Forum ESSEC-Hanploi for the training and employment of people with disabilities gathers recruiters from companies and from public services, disabilities and employment professionals, training organizations, and applicants with disabilities looking for some pieces of advice, a training or a job. 

In April 2021, the 13th Open Forum took place, entirely online. 

The ESSEC employer and disabilities 

Just as all employers of more than 20 employees in France, the ESSEC group is subjected to the 11th February 2005 law about equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabilities. 

The ESSEC's employment policy (recruitment, continued employment) has been including for a long time the inclusion of disabled people (teachers, staff...) 

ESSEC had its Disabilities and Employment Diagnosis realized in 2007 by TH Conseil with AGEFIPH's support. Furthermore, a new dynamic has been implemented for a couple years with the partnership with Hanploi.com (publication of job offers for disabled people, target CV research) and ADAPT (involvement in recruitment operations Handicafés). 

Some other actions...

In 2010 and 2011, ESSEC group took part in the week for the employment of disabled people, especially by being the partner of the Coaching Centre of the ADAPT's careers fair and by organizing lectures and Handi-Cafés. 

In 2011, ESSEC was invited by La Poste to the "Train pour l'emploi et l'égalité des chances". 

>> In order to make your integration into the ESSEC group easier, you can get in touch with the ESSEC Handi-Capacité Mission  [email] to express your specific needs as soon as possible to implement the appropriate solutions.