April 2021 : 13th Open Forum, two days of recruitment for people with disabilities, 100% online. 

April 2021 : Disabilities & Talents Certificate 

November 2020 : "Mission Handicap et Talents Essec: l'inclusion par la mobilisation et l'action", an article written by Elisabeth Forget for the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles 
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November 2020 : 12th Open Forum, 100% online
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May 2020 : Disabilities & Talents Week's assessment ! 
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July 2019 : Participation in the 9th Dialogue de l'emploi et de la Formation des personnes handicapées at the Finance Ministry. 
Discover the event video, the ESSEC's commitments and testimonies from alumni on www.officiel-handicap.fr

March 2019 : Disabilities & Talents Week's assessment !

May 2019 (CNIT La Défense) : 10th birthday of the Open Forum !

April 2019 : Raid ESSEC commits for Disabilities ! 
February 2019 (Beauvais) : Signing of the Disabilities Charter of the Conference des Grandes Écoles. 

January 2019 : Renewal of the partnership with La Banque Postale. 

>> In order to make your integration into the ESSEC group easier, you can get in touch with the ESSEC Handi-Capacité Mission  [email] to express your specific needs as soon as possible to implement the appropriate solutions.