"Handi-Capacité" Mission


Following its will of talents' emancipation, ESSEC created in 2008 its "Mission Handicap".

In collaboration with General Management, Programmes' Management, Apprentice Training Centre and medical services, the Mission Handicap implements a disabilities policy which is centered on five guidelines: 

-     Raising awareness and training the whole ESSEC community to disabilities issues (lectures, dedicated weeks, certificates, sport events)

-     Developing the accessibility of campuses, but also of competitive exams and courses, thanks to the providing of material, note cards and resources to teachers. 

-     Galvanizing exchanges with partner companies engaged in our training and awareness projects, in the creation of scholarship funds, in our block release training programmes and in our accompanying strategy towards employment. 

-     Accompanying disabled students in initial training or participants in continuing education in their admission process, until their occupational integration: implementation of adjustments for the everyday life at school and on the campus, scholarships, help in international mobility, support in the acquisition of a RHWS (Recognition of Handicapped Worker Status).. 

- Encouraging the block release training in a support process shared with the Apprentice Training Centre: defining a professional project, identifying compensation means, raising awareness among trainers, following the global experience school/company, implementing adjustments for the exams, preparing for the occupational integration. 

ESSEC's approach in favor of disabilities comes within the scope of its Social Responsibility approach, as explained by Eric Delecourt, assistant general internal affairs manager : 

"Why talk about disabilities and sustainable development ? Simply because we tend to associate sustainable development with environment too much. This is a truncated view, since ecology is only the most visible part and outshines in a way the aspects of solidarity, fairness and fight against social inclusion. 
If one is not wary of them, these three elements are yet the ones for which disabled people have to fight in their daily struggle to fit entirely into the society :
- Obtaining solidarity to be helped to compensate one's disability
- Sharing a social fairness to have the same free accesses as everybody else
- Fighting against exclusion, since it often begins with a simple disregard. 
A global view led the creation of the Mission Handicap in order to develop employer and trainer synergies. 
This mission is an opportunity for students, teachers and staff members, for diversity to rime with excellence !" 

You want to give your best, to use your potentiel at best and to fulfill yourself in the path you chose : 

Mission Handi-Capacités [Email]
Tel : 01 34 43 97 01
Interviews from Monday to Friday by appointment 
Initial training : Cergy Campus, office L115 (near the K-Lab)
Continuing education : La Défense Campus