"Disabilities and Talents" Certificate 

Since 2015, the Handi-Capacité Mission has been organizing the ESSEC Disabilities & Talents Week. It takes place every year in March on the Cergy campus. 

This week aims at raising awareness and professionalizing students and staff members thanks to meetings, testimonies, workshops, in a recreational and interactive atmosphere, but also professional. This week is open to ESSEC students, teachers and staff members. 

This week enables participants who attended at least 6 lectures to take a quiz evaluating their knowledge of disabilities, thanks to which they can get their "ESSEC Disabilities & Talents Certificate". 

This certificate enables participants to highlight to employers their knowledge of the issues related to the management of disabilities. 

The 2021 Disabilities & Talents Certificate took place entirely online, from March 15th to April 6th : 

In partnership with : Natixis, Generali, AGEFIPH. 


Find here some feedbacks from students who took part in the 2020 Talents & Disabilities Week and obtained their certificate ! You want to know more about students' favorite interventions ? It is just here

Testimony from two ESSEC staff members : 


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