The ESSEC Group is improving the accessibility of its premises, courses, competitions and exams, events and accommodation. 

Cergy campus

The new buildings (built in the year 2000) were built directly in accordance with standards and have all the facilities needed to facilitate the movement of people with motor disabilities. 

A diagnostic of the accessibility of the premises was carried out in 2009 on the Cergy Campus by the company Accesmétrie. Since then, work has been carried out as budgets permit. The old buildings on the ESSEC Group's Cergy campus (dating from the 1970s) have been upgraded to meet the accessibility standards for establishments open to the public (freight elevators, elevators, etc.). 

Some of the improvements made since then include: installation of pedometer plates and riser strips on stairs, lower mirrors in some restrooms.

Improving the accessibility of the Campus is integrated into the construction projects of new buildings. 

La Défense campus at CNIT 

The campus has facilities accessible to people with reduced mobility (elevators, etc.). ESSEC is committed to making our campuses accessible to all with Picto Access. The first deployment will take place on our La Défense campus.

Housing in Cergy 

ALEGESSEC (Association pour le Logement des Etudiants du Groupe ESSEC) has 3 residences in Cergy that can accommodate disabled people or people with reduced mobility in 6 double studios, 10 rooms, 180 adaptable rooms. Examples of facilities: inclined planes, access ramps, sufficiently wide doors, clear spaces for unobstructed movement, Italian-style shower (without siphon), reserved parking spaces, accessible elevators. 

The ESSEC Group has created a partnership with TADEO, a service allowing the communication with deaf or hard of hearing and hearing people, specifically adapted to the needs of the higher education (to take part in the collaborative work, in the conferences via simultaneous subtitles). Discover the Tadeo technology in video (subtitled) !

For the visually impaired persons, gradually the documents are made accessible and the technical solutions set up: supports of course transmitted in advance, digitalization...

For other types of disabilities, the ESSEC Group will take the necessary measures to enable students to follow their education in the best possible conditions and to take advantage of the maximum number of opportunities offered by the ESSEC Group (choice of courses, internships, apprenticeships, community life, etc.).

ESSEC Business School is partnering with "AcceDeWeb" to make websites more accessible to people with disabilities. Digital accessibility for disabled people will be simplified thanks to "AcceDe Web", the first "Accessibility" manuals adapted to web project management. This project was carried out by Atalan, in partnership with many actors involved in web and disability issues, including ESSEC Business School, which contributed to the test phase as part of its "Accessibility Development" actions led by the Mission Handi-capacités.

>> To facilitate your integration into the ESSEC Group, you can contact the Mission Handi-Capacités of the ESSEC Group to express your particular needs, as soon as possible, in order to set up adapted solutions.